May 302012

So, for some reason I got it in my head that I’d make baby girl’s bedding. I blame Pinterest. All those pretty pictures of nurseries and adorable bedding that costs an arm and a leg or the tutorials on how to make a ruffled bedskirt etc. The tutorials looked easy so I figured why not. Plus, if I run out of time I can always try to recruit my momma to help:) Anywho, mind set on making it myself, I set out to find fabric I liked. You’ve all seen the posts of some of my ideas and misses. After lots of misses (and a gracious who let me return all of it!), I settled on this:

The paisley is the main fabric that I picked and then lined up coordinating ones for around it. I have a post brewing on the bed skirt too and the paisley and a green chevron will be the main focuses there. Plus, I think I want to do curtains and may use the paisley again in them, we’ll see.

For the quilt, I’m using what I’ve been told is a disappearing 9. Basically 9 5″ blocks of fabric sewn into a panel and then that panel is cut into 4. Those pieces which have 1 main focus patch, and three coordinating patches, are lined up together to make the rest of the quilt. It sounded easy enough so I got to work.

Hind sight, it would be been faster to buy the already cut charm packs that they sell and sewing those together. Cutting the 5 inch squares was a bit of a pain (but not hard…just tedious). Given that I have about an hour at a time to put into this it took a few nights to get all the squares cut. Anyways, they were cut.

Then it was on to assemble the 9 patch. I sat for another hour or two mixing, matching and pinning (hindsight I could have skipped the pinning) until I had three strips of three squares to sew together. After I sewed the strips, I ironed the seams flat and then moved on to sewing them together in to the 9 patch.

And that’s where we sit today:) I have to iron the patch and flatten the seams and then cut them into 4s. From there it’s arranging and sewing the patches again to make the quilt front. I’m pretty confident up to that part and so far it’s been easy (time consuming but easy). However, once we get to binding and the actual quilting I’m in new territory:) I’m hoping I can bribe a one of my crafty girlfriends into helping me once we get that far.

I can’t wait….10 or less weeks left to finish it if I’m going to get it down before she arrives so I need to get my butt in gear. Plus I have to make the bed skirt (and burp clothes, no paper paper towels, bibs…oh the list goes on and I really need to stop looking at Pinterest:) ). I’ll keep you all posted (as I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seats on this one..haha).

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  2 Responses to “I must be crazy….”

  1. I love those fabric colors.

  2. Wow – you’re a braver mama than I am!!!

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