May 142012

How far along are you? 28 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? So, after swearing off the home scale I did try it. Not much of a jump so I’m convinced it’s wrong. We’ll see next week.

Stretch marks? Not yet. Thank you genetics!

Baby Movement? I love it. She’s to the point where my whole belly bounces when she gets grooving.

Best moment this week? Getting told by the neighbors that I look like I’m about to pop and then telling them that I have like 12 weeks left….no one believes I can get any bigger some how (but you look at my pics with noah and i’m no bigger now than I was with him:) ).

Food Cravings?Anything and everything??

Belly button in or out? Somewhere in between outtie and flat…

Milestones? Passing my gestational diabetes test. No one thought I’d fail but it’s nice to know for sure.


28 weeks with Noah

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