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ETA: Reading this again I realize how terrible I sound by saying I’m oblivious to this pregnancy and that I’m too busy. I guess it didn’t come out right. This time around there are so many other things to focus on that I have to stop and remind myself to relish her kicks and being pregnant. This is the last time we’re doing this and I need to savor every moment. Just like I need to savor the moments alone with Noah:)

Funny how things are different the second time around. I could make a list a mile long but the one that I think bothers me is the fact that I’m so oblivious to the fact that I’m pregnant. I mean, I know I am because how the heck could you miss that belly but I remember it being so different with Noah. Every kick and movement, I knew exactly how many weeks and days I was, when my next set of test are etc.. Most days now I’m too busy to even notice her kicks and rolls and I have to look on here to remember what week I am. Heck, I have to look at the calendar to remember my due date (I figure she’ll show up when she shows up…). I suppose that’s what you get when you’re chasing a toddler while your hubby renovates the last bathroom in the house:)

How far along are you? 26 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? so far still 13 but I’m not using my home scale so I’ll tell you for sure in another few weeks. I’m afraid there will be a huge jump this time around, I feel like I’ve gotten so much bigger.

Stretch marks? Not yet. Thank you genetics!

Baby Movement? Rockin and rolling now but I still think she’s breech…turn baby turn!!!

Best moment this week? Not baby girl related but Noah’s finally really starting to get this potty thing…wooohoo…here’s to hoping we can avoid two in diapers.

Food Cravings?Choco milk almost every night, a root beer float thrown in there on odd days…

Belly button in or out? It’s still hanging on with just that lip hanging out. You can definitely see it thru my shirts and it will pop the whole way out if I move a certain way.

Milestones? Braxton hicks are kicking in something fierce and so is the back pain. I didn’t have either with Noah so this is new and not welcome. I can’t imagine three more months of this….


26 weeks with Noah

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  4 Responses to “26 weeks…”

  1. Can’t identify with the Baby #2 since you and J arrived together but I do recall having rootbeer floats nearly everyday made by Marshall….

  2. It definitely didn’t come across badly – I’m not even pregnant with my second and can understand how much different a pregnancy would be with a toddler. Being pregnant with Ava was the primary thing in my life at that time, but now I’d split that between my pregnancy and Ava, so I totally know what you mean…

  3. I know what you mean about feeling oblivious the second time around. I’ve paid so much less attention to baby girl #2 than I did to Shelby in utero. Mostly, as you say, it’s because you’ve already got a toddler to focus on who needs your love and attention (and discipline!). That’s enough right there. Add the pregnancy on top and it’s like a minor distraction. However, the farther along you get the less you’ll be able to be oblivious. The kicks get huge and trying to chase a toddler with a big belly gets pretty challenging. Sorry you’re having BH; I haven’t had any (nor did I with Shelby). Now if I could just birth this baby I’d be all set! Seriously, I’m 39 weeks tomorrow. Come on already!

  4. My Braxton hicks with Quinn were horrible. I had them from 5 months until the very end. And he was 5 days late! But with the third I barely had any. Good news about the second plus is that you enjoy the babyhood more because you know how fast it goes by.

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