Apr 032012

As the weather improves and spring comes into full bloom we’re finding ourselves outside more often than not. This past weekend we headed up north to visit DH’s family and celebrate a few birthdays and while up there the kids did an easter egg hunt on Saturday and then went for a tractor ride on sunday (very slowly:) ). Noah was in heaven (any time he gets to be outside he’s happy, he’s very much his daddy)

We thought Noah’d be all into the tractor ride and he initially seemed like he was. However, once J turned it on he wasn’t so sure. They made one loop around the yard and he was crying so hard that Daddy switched places with Uncle J to see if it would make a different. He calmed a little but was still not really enjoying himself so J shut it down, locked it up for safety and let them hang out. Muuuuuch better…Noah wanted to pretend to drive while the boys hung out in the trailer. It was the best of both worlds.

Anywho…it was a wonderful weekend with family and I even made it back in time for my photoshoot (we cut it cloooose!).

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