Apr 262012

I had to laugh when I saw Jenni post about this exact topic just the other day. It’s good to know that I’m not alone in my need to have a ring on.

Knowing what my hands did with my pregnancy with Noah, I thought I’d get ready for it to happen again and remove my wedding band and e-ring early. They’re pretty tight anyways and I was worried that any swelling at all would force us to have them professional removed (which they likely wouldn’t survive).

The problem is, once they were off I felt bare. I’d find myself adjusting my phantom rings all day and it just didn’t feel right. Last pregnancy I looked around at Kohls and Target for a cheap alternative but couldn’t find anything that fit (even swollen my ring size is still under a 6 which seem to be the standard). I did find one band that worked but I wore it so much that I completely wore it out so it wasn’t an option for this time around.

Determined, I got on amazon and looked up rings size 5 and holy cow, they had lots! Pretty ones too and not for bad prices. I looked for a while and ended up with this bad boy….


A full wedding set for $35 (including shipping)! The seller is Titanium Kay and I was really happy with the whole process. They shipped it really quickly and it’s beautiful.

While it’s still a bit big (I could have done a 4.5 and been good) it leaves some room for swelling which since this baby is due in the summer, I’m sure will come.

Now, I don’t feel naked! How pretty right??:)

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  3 Responses to “That’s a CZ?…”

  1. That’s a great idea! And a beautiful ring :)

  2. Great idea! My ring was too small while I was pregnant. I finally got a band that makes it smaller so that I could still wear it. Maybe next time I’l get a CZ.

  3. That is where Nate got his $50.00 wedding band!

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