Apr 202012

We had a stretch of beautiful weather last weekend so I thought it was the perfect time to let Noah loose with some washable paints that I’d bought a while back. He’s still at an age where it’s all mess so doing it inside was out of the question. I set him up, in a diaper, with an open pot or two, a brush, and lots of paper. After a while we decided that one pot of paint at a time was best since he was just mixing them and dumping them anyways, no use it wasting them all at once.

At one point DH walked back and encouraged him to paint on his belly. That opened up a whole new world of painting. I found him painting his belly and then trying to lay on the paper to do a belly print (i guess they do hand prints alot at school?!). Seeing that belly prints were challenging I took his socks off and pointed to his feet. Perfect!

After he grew bored I needed to wipe him down to bring him inside. That required the use of the hose and I totally should have known better (noah’s obsessed with the sprinkler) anyways, there was no way I was getting out of this without at least a little hose time for him so I let him have at it. It actually worked quite well he was mostly clean by the time we had to come in (and I was only a little wet…he looooooved chasing me and trying to spray me). What I was most impressed about was the fact that he was running in the grass bare feet. He’s been hesitant to do that until now. Maybe his sand phobia is cured?!

Anywho, we both had a blast, enjoyed the amazing weather and managed to stay out of daddy’s hair long enough for him to get some trim work done on the front of the house (which is a story in its own). I look forward to more days like that one before the real heat sets in and we can’t bare to be outside.

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  1. That looks like fun! You should have titled it body painting.

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