Apr 102012

So, back at the drawing board, I decided to take a little different path to figure things out. I’d been using something called Olioboard to create mood board/room scenes for the other rooms in the house and thought it would be great for this. So, out to fabric.com I went for more fabric inspiration that I could take to Olio to pair up.

I grabbed an image of our actual crib and rocker and then went from there by adding fabrics and matching dressers (the dresser will hopefully be mine from my childhood painted whatever color. I just hope it’s in good enough shape to use…)

This first one has our original dragonfly fabric and chevrons. I added a damask in turquoise and a plum pattern too. I think all the patterns are just too big and the dragon flies feel out of place. This is when I started digging the turquoise dresser.

Option 2 was my first attempt with new fabrics. I love the chevron and damask so I found a neat paisley to go with it. still a little overwhelming but in the right proportions it could work.

DH was drawn to the birds fabric so I did one up for him. I put a pink dresser in here originally but he wanted orange. So there you have it. I’m kind of digging this..

This option (4 now? sheesh)…reduces the number of fabrics and introduces a stripe instead of the chevron (but you can be sure i’ll find a way to get a chevron in there!!). The pattern on the flowery fabric is simpler which I think I kind of like.

and last but not least, my pink dresser. For someone who said they didn’t want pink, I really kind of dig this. The paisley is busy for sure but oh so pretty. I can do the bed skirt in the dots, chevrons, and a solid (maybe that blue). Then use the paisley in the curtains or some other accent.

So that’s where I am today…kind of stuck. I dont want to order 30 more dollars of fabric that I’m not going to use but I need to see these in person. I figure for now I’ll just keep staring at the mood boards and see what sticks..:)

What do you guys think? what option is your favorite?

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  6 Responses to “Color Schemes – part 2”

  1. Thanks gals!! Wouldnt you know that the fabric for option 4 is backordered too!! I found some on ebay and ordered it figuring I could use it for something else if I need to.

  2. I really like the last one. Girl rooms are so hard, there are so many options it gets overwhelming. I’m still not completely satisfied with either of my girls’ rooms. I’m sure whatever you pick will look great.

  3. Pink dresser and #5 but swap out the chevron for the stripe in 4

  4. I LOVE #4 hands down! Winner in my book :)

  5. I like either Option 2 or 5. I dig that pink dresser and I am not a pink fan either!

  6. You could order the ones you love (like the chevron) to get an idea of some fabrics before you splurge on the rest. It seems you know you’ll most likely use it. I like #3 with just three color options. It’s a smaller room in the home (I’m guessing), so simple is good. I wish I would have thought more about making our own products for the babe. My mom was/is a seamstress, and I can sew…. then our nursery wouldn’t be so generic! Have fun!

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