Apr 092012

I don’t know what it is about girls but my brain has been buzzing with color schemes, crafts, and things to make for her. I was crazy with Noah for sure but this takes the cake. I’ve ordered fabric to make a quilt and am just about ready to order the fabric for her dust ruffle and curtains. Not to mention the yards of skinny elastic and folder over elastic that arrived today! Like I said on Facebook – good thing I have 4 months still!

Anywho, this is about color schemes. I had a whole post written with my original few color schemes and the one that “won” at the time but the more I looked at it the less happy I was with it. So, i’ll break this up in to two posts to show the progression and where I am now (which i’m not positive will be the final resting place but we’ll see).

When I started to pick out colors I didn’t want anything too too girlie. I don’t know why, guess I’m just not your typical pink mamma (although, don’t get me wrong – pink rocks…just not for her room). However, I’m starting to rethink that just a bit. Plus, I’m stuck with taupe colored neutral walls (because DH refuses to add anything else to his mile long honey do list) so I had to pick around that.

I started with a few color tools to get a sense of what I liked (MyColortopia, Design-seeds.com, and Pinterest) and then went to fabric.com to find some fabric inspiration for her bedding.

The first option has pink in it and I really liked it but the fabric is back ordered until late May and I’m waaaaaay too impatient to wait for it. Plus, I wanted lime green, not olive. I could totally dig this scheme though.

Option 1

The next one was again more olivey than limey if you get what I mean. Still great colors in my book but not quite what I was looking for. Plus the patterned fabric was suuuuuuper expensive.

Option 2

This last one is our original winner (and surprisingly – or not – the first set of swatches I ordered). I love the whimsical dragonfly and the pop of the orange against the green. The purple is magenta/plum so finding a coordinating solid is a little challenging. I could see a purple dresser in there too…

Winning Option

My plan was to do the bedskirt in a solid plum, the green basket weave and the dragon fly. Then curtains would be white on top and the the bottom 2 or so feet will be either the chevron or the green basket weave and the dragon fly. I also ordered some flannel in coordinating fabrics to make a baby quilt for her to use when she’s bigger (some of which will now become burp cloths and bibs since I think I’m abandoning this completely).

The turn came when the fabric actually arrived and I started to pair it. Nothing worked for me…not like it did online. Perhaps it was my excitement but in reality it just wasn’t working. My mom agreed. So….back to the drawing board of sort….and on to part 2.

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