Apr 192012

It’s always nice when you can have friends in and spend some time with them. This past weekend we had friends in from out of town with their 6 month old little girl. We tried to keep things really relaxed and not plan too much but thanks to an early spring our idea of Cherry Blossom festival was out the window. We thought about the National Zoo but an hour train ride or 40 min drive sounded unappealing. Luckily we have a small zoo just down the road. I’ve spoken about it before and we love it. It’s a great short activity for days you don’t want to go far.

I love watching Noah’s reactions change as he gets older and recognizes the animals more. He was enthralled by the monkeys and the tortoise this time around and not so much by the prairie dogs or the goats (although he did reach down to pet a sheep for like 2 seconds). We stopped by the aviary that was full of parakeets and other small birds before we left and really wish we’d bought a few of the feed sticks they had avail. Those that had them had little birdies perched and noshing away. It was so cool!

Anyways, time wore on and it was verging on nap time so we headed out. A quick stop on the way home at the playground to burn the last of our energy and we were home:) Low key but still alot of fun!

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