Apr 152012

I’m just now sitting down to process all the pics from last weekend (and this weekend in turn). Figured rather than doing a huge photo dump I’ll spread the love out:)

This set is Easter last weekend with my fam. We drove up to PA to visit my parents and spent Saturday at my cousins house with the entire family (which was wonderful). It was organized chaos and was totally awesome. We had 5 kids under 4 (and two more on the way, due pretty much the same week), 4 dogs, countless cows, baby chickens, cats (and kittens), pigs, and a stuffed coyote. Yes, a stuffed coyote…don’t ask me, it was in the office with the kittens. My cousin is a vet and her husband runs the farm so they had a menagerie which was so cool for Noah because he got to play with all of it (well, not the cows or pigs but the chicks, dogs, cats, and kittens were entertainment).

We had an easter egg hunt in the back yard (noah’s second and he finally got the hang of it) and pulled out the power toys after lunch. Noah tried every mode of transportation they had – the tractor, a little bike, a bigger bike, the power jeep and the power quad (which was not working). To say he had fun is an understatement I think.

The story of the day was my brothers boxer and the mud pit. Buckley love (LOVES) standing water. He has a pool at home and there’s one at the dog park he regularly lays down in so it was no surprise when he found a small puddle at the end of a discharge pipe and submerged himself. Okay, small puddle was an understatement – it was a mud pit and he was happy as a pig rolling around and snorting. At one point he jumped out and came charging at the group of us. As we scattered he focused in on my dad who was forced to use a chair to keep the Buckley love off of his jeans:) My brother eventually corralled him and doused him with fresh water but not before we all had a great laugh (my stomach hurt so bad from how hard we laughed).

At the end of the day Noah was exhausted and had managed to pretty much skip his nap so bedtime was a challenge but we managed. On to the pics!

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  1. Happy (belated) Easter! Looks like you guys had a great time!

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