Apr 192012

Keeping up with this weekly thing is harder with a toddler for sure! Especially one who’s loving this amazing weather and waiting to stay out until all hours (and promptly screams when you tell him it’s time to go in….)

Anywho, V week baby. Viability that is. This week marks 24 weeks (based on my LMP anyways) and a point in the pregnancy where, if born, with alot of medical help she could potentially survive. Now, not saying that we want to see her any time soon. In fact, I need her to cook for as long as possible (remind me I said that when I’m 39 weeks and miserable).

Enough chatter, on to the survey.

How far along are you? 24 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? I haven’t looked so I’ll just assume 8lbs. Appt is next week so I’ll tell you then. I’m sure I’m up more than 8lbs at this point, how much? well, we’ll see. I’ve been good about eating for the most part (a milkshake or choco milk at night to help the heartburn never hurt anyone:)

Stretch marks? Not yet. Thank you genetics!

Baby Movement? I have her schedule now, early AM, commute in, right after lunch then she’s quite until the late evening. She does wake me at 4:30 or so in the AM and loves to kick Noah as we snuggle and read at bed time. I felt the thump from the outside the other day. She stopped when DH put his hand down, of course!

Best moment this week? Um..I guess viablity although if you take it by my ultrasound then we have another week. If you go by my LMP then we’re right on. Regardless, keep cooking baby!!

Food Cravings?Milk – helps the heartburn.

Belly button in or out? I think it’s going to be an outtie this time. There is a lip on it at night that sticks out, probably because of how she’s positioned.

Milestones? Feeling her on the outside and viability.


24 weeks with Noah

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  2 Responses to “24 weeks…late again!”

  1. I love the belly! Yeah for viability! I’m sure you are exhausted chasing around a little one while being pregnant!

  2. I definitely was excited about viability as well with Ava! Thankfully, she stayed in there til the end (sometimes I think she’d still be in there if she had the choice!).

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