Apr 132012

How far along are you? 23 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? I haven’t looked so I’ll just assume 8lbs. Next appt isn’t until 25 weeks.

Stretch marks? Not yet. Thank you genetics!

Baby Movement? She’s got a pattern now and prefers when I lay down. I haven’t seen my belly move but I’m sure she could move it if I just laid still long enough.

Best moment this week? Another boring week. Those are good in the pregnancy world.

Food Cravings?Nothing really thankfully.

Belly button in or out? In but barely….it very well may pop out this time (it does if i push on it now)

Milestones? Still have lovely heartburn but it’s manageable. My weekly email said she can feel me dance so I’m making an effort to dance with Noah more so she gets to participate too.

No picture yet..it’s been a hectic week….that said, I dont really think there’s any change.

23 weeks with Noah

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