Mar 032012

This year we decided to keep things low key and invite family only down for Noah’s birthday and have a nice family dinner. This is in stark contract to last years 30+ person shindig – although, even with just family we were around 12 including 4 loud boys (really hope this baby is a girl, we need some bossiness up in the place to keep the boys in line). Anywho…I wasn’t even going to do a theme but then my mom mentioned dinosaurs and of course that’s all it took to get the wheels turning. It was definitely subdued next to last year but we did manage to decorate some.

It was a crazy and loud day (my house is not meant for 4 boys from the ages of 1 – 6) but Noah had a blast with his cousins and I really enjoyed seeing all of our family here in one spot. Since we’re so dispersed that doesn’t happen often (although we missed my bro and his girlfriend:( ).

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