Mar 262012

How far along are you? 21 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? Looks like 8 lbs, not bad (start=140, monday=148)

Stretch marks? Nopers, it’s stretching but no marks yet and it’s weird, no linea negra this time – at least yet.

Baby Movement? Doc gave me more info on why I’m not feeling her too much – my placenta wraps around from the back to the top front. So, where her head is (yes, her feet are still in my back), she has an extra layer of padding so I don’t feel it much.

Best moment this week? Getting complemented by the doc on keeping things under control weight wise. It’s been easier this time for sure (plus I didn’t have as far to go to get where I was with Noah so I have to try to keep things under wraps….)

Food Cravings?Nothing really thankfully.

Belly button in or out? In but barely….it very well may pop out this time (it does if i push on it now)

Milestones? It’s a girl and she’s starting to kick harder plus I’m feeling braxton hicks already. I never really felt them with Noah but I do with her (because i’m positive it’s not her repositioning herself, her feel are safely embedded in my back.)


21 weeks with Noah

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