Mar 122012

How far along are you? 19 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? 4.5

Stretch marks? Nopers, it’s stretching but no marks yet.

Baby Movement? The thumps are getting stronger. Still not as strong as with Noah but I’m feeling them at least. Actually I’m getting weird tightening on one side or the other like I did in the later months with noah when he moved from side to side. It’s too early for Braxton Hicks so I assume this is just fuzz moving.

Best moment this week? It hasn’t happened yet but I expect Friday will be exciting when we have our level 2 sono!

Food Cravings?The carb and junk food cravings are kicking in. I’m trying to stick with the fruit thing though.

Belly button in or out? In. It stayed in the whole time with Noah and I figure it will with this one too.

Milestones? Nothing big yet, the movements are getting stronger and people are getting braver to ask if I’m PG vs. fat:)


19 weeks with Noah

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