Feb 152012

Okay, as I’m weeding thru all the pictures from our cruise I have to share this story about Noah. He’ll totally kill me when he’s older but I still laugh thinking about it.

Here’s the scene: We were in the Miami airport getting ready to come home. The gate area is full to the brim with people because we board in just a few min and Noah’s standing there with his hand down the back of his pants (this is a new habit…ugh). I ask him nicely to take his hand out of his pants and he looks at me and smiles…(in the back of my mind I’m thinking…”hmm…glad there aren’t any poopies in there”…and now you can see where this is going). He whips out his hand and yells “poopies!!” with as much volume and glee as his little body could project. Yes, there he was, hand covered in poop, in the middle of the gate area with 100’s of people around us.

DH was mortified but quick on the trigger and grabbed the napkins next to him, wrapped up the poopy hand and then passed him off to me to go clean up. I couldn’t stop laughing. As I run and get Noah cleaned, DH sits back to survey the horrified faces around us. Only, there were none. No one had noticed (or if they did they didn’t make it obvious). Phew….I came back and he was laughing hysterically at the comedy of it all.

It could have gone so differently (and so much worse). I’m sure the older gentleman across the aisle would have been super excited to be greeted by a poopy little toddler hand had Noah decided to turn to him rather than us. sheesh…

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  2 Responses to “Poopies….”

  1. Hahaha! Oh wow. So glad my mom didn’t have a blog – haha!

  2. I laughed so hard reading this! Shelby’s also quite interested in sticking her hands down the back of her diaper. Must be the age. Shelby pooped right before we boarded our flight home from CA after the holidays. Thank goodness she didn’t stick her hand down her diaper then! Kids certainly make life interesting. Glad you were able to laugh about it.

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