Feb 022012

(i promised him I’d get this out before he turned 2….we’re getting close though!)

Well, you finally did it. You climbed over your crib rail and let yourself out of bed. We’ve spent the last few weeks trying various things to keep you in. A sleep sack worked for one night and then you figured that out too. Now it’s hit or miss on if you’ll get out or not. The gate is up so you can’t wander but we need to find a better solution soon, i’m nervous about you getting in and out by yourself.

You always tell us it’s “cold outside” in reference to anything cold or outside but not always necessarily together. Like, you’ll grab daddy’s face after he comes in from outside and say “cold outside” or you’ll grab your milk and say “cold outside”…doesn’t matter. Any reference to cold is appended with “outside”. I love it!

You’re asserting your independence more and more. Most days you have to pick out your own clothes. You strip off everything I pick out and insist on doing yourself so I’ve kind of given up. You even wore PJ’s to school today because it wasn’t worth the fight. Dinner time is much of the same. You have to do it yourself or ask for help. If I offer or try to do it for you all hell breaks loose. It’s so cute when you ask for help though…you look up and say “hep mommy” and then I melt.

I plopped you on the scale the other day (after you brought it out to me) and you were 28 lbs. Then I managed to get you to stand still long enough to get a height. 34 inches…almost a full yard!!! We’ll find out at your dr’s appt next month where that puts you. I’ve moved you over to 24/2T clothes for the most part although you still wear some of your 18mo PJ’s.

Lastly, your temper has arrived. I’m attributing it to the early arrivals of the terrible 2’s or possibly the sleep issues we’ve been fighting but man – you can be sweet as pie one second and the next a raging ball of anger hitting and throwing and just yelling like some’s stole your favorite toy. There’s no rhyme or reason most times. Sometimes it’s because I did something that you wanted to do yourself (like open your yougurt) or we had to take a non-permitted object out of your hands (like the screwdriver or the sharpie marker that I really need to remember to take out of the drawer you can reach). Sometimes it’s becuase Macie looks at you cross eyed…or uses her jedi mind tricks to make you think she’s going to steal a toy. I don’t know why most times and often times a modified time out is the only fix (or a bottle of milk, which seems to cure alot). Your MeeMa would say that it’s payback for all the tantrums I threw as a kid (apparently I could throw a fit with the best of them) and perhaps she’s right. Wow, I can totally feel her pain now.

In any case, you always make it better you saying “sorry mommy” (or whatever object you threw) and petting my face (or the object you tossed:) ). Being your mommy is challenging alot of the time but so incredibly worth it.

(and since I’ve been seriously slacking on the photos, here’s a video of Noah’s new trick. I have no idea who taught him this).

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  1. Absolutely adorable! Such fun… and enjoy these times! I hope dad wasn’t drinking beer, cause Noah was having him slam it down at a pretty good pace! lol…
    fun fun fun…
    thanks for sharing!

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