Jan 232012

I was browsing another blog they had an advert for the Nosefrida snot sucker. If you’ve not met the Nosefriday and you have a young child, you should. It’s one of the best snot suckers out there (once you get past that it’s powered by you sucking:)).

Anyways, I digress. While on the Frida baby site I saw “The Windi”. Intrigued I clicked thru the link

It’s a contraption to help your colicy baby fart! Bwahahahaha! I can’t decide if it’s genius or gross. Then again, I thought the same thing about the Nosefrida so I suppose I should reserve judgment till I actually try it because I love my Nosefrida. And it kinda of makes sense. I was always told to try a rectal thermometer to relieve a constipated child so I suppose this is the same idea, it’s just funny to see it productized.

Have any of you tried it? Did it actually work?

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  One Response to “Help your baby fart….”

  1. I actually didn’t like Nosefrida at all (neither did Shelby). This fart thing is pretty funny, though. Shelby is an expert farter — you could just hire her to show babies how it’s done!

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