Jan 132012

so many weeks late!

He’s just a huge bag of tricks these days (and feels like a huge sack of bricks when you pick him up…).
– He’s talking more, stringing two words together (sometimes three). I love hearing “I love you mommy” or “mommy daddy I you”…
– He’s climbing all over everything and is much more confident on the stairs. Most days he goes up with out holding on to anything and can go down a few steps without help as well.
– He can jump off the ground and both feet clear. He’s getting more and more height as the month wears on. He loves to jump jump jump…
– I stuck him on the scale this AM and it said he was 28lbs so he seems to be holding stead (although it doesnt feel like it).
– I still can’t/haven’t nailed him down to get a height. I guess we’ll just have to wait until his two year appt next month.
– Gosh, this is what I get for not doing these on time…i’m merging this month and last month:) oh well..

I’ve already started thinking about his 2 year party. I swore to myself we’d keep it family and close friends but as I assemble the guest list it just keeps growing. I can’t help myself. I just need a theme now…Thomas is so over done but he loves it so much…

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