Jan 092012

This was fun to look over the posts from my pregnancy with noah so I thought I’d try this again…

How far along are you? 10 weeks (and a few days)

Total Weight gain/loss? Not sure yet…started at 140 on the docs scale. Mine here says 137..i like mine better:)

Stretch marks? Nopers, it’s far too early for that kind of stuff

Baby Movement? Nope…just gas bubbles. They say you can feel it earlier with #2 but seeing that it’s only the size of a kumquat (like an inch), I’m sure i’m not feeling it yet.

Maternity Clothes? I did break down and get my maternity clothes out. I found that my work clothes were kind of fitted and not helping me hide this very well. Plus I needed my BellaBands…my work trousers were getting uncomfy around the end of the day.

Best moment this week? Finding the heartbeat with the doppler:)

Labor Progress? I certainly hope not. I may hide this one till the third tri…

Food Cravings? Gosh…everything I think about…or that someone talks about…

Belly button in or out? In. It stayed in the whole time with Noah and I figure it will with this one too.

Milestones? Finding the heartbeat!

Weekly Wisdom? I’m wisdomless so far…perhaps I spent it all with this the last time around.

10 weeks with Noah:

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