Dec 182011

We declared today “Noah day” and started bright and early for his first real train ride (well, Metro train but train none the less). Our destination was the Natural History Museum in downtown. They had a great fossil exhibit with life sized T-rex skeletons and other dinosaurs that we thought he’d love and we were right!

He was mellow and kind of timid on the metro in. It could have been that he was a bit sleepy and it could have been the new experience but for the most part he just hung out in DH’s lap looking out the window. Once we got to the city it was a cold walk across the mall to the museum. Noah was all bundled up so I think he could have gone for miles, the rest of us not so much. I was happy to get inside (and subsequently strip off all the layers).

It was early in the morning so things were still really quiet. We made a bee line for the butterfly exhibit because DH missed that last time and didn’t want to this time. What a cool exhibit! It did cost $6 to get in for DH and I but it was so worth it. They led you thru an airlock and on into the enclosure. It was hot and humid and just crawling with butterflies! They were flying everywhere! Noah called them “planes” at first until we could get him to understand “butterfly”. It was great watching him oo and ah and track the flying critters.

After that we moved on to some boring stuff like rocks and gems and the Hope Diamond! Haha…boring for Noah anyways. The saving grace was that they had a bunch of things at each station to touch so we let him down and let him manhandle the rocks. A quick diaper change and some lunch and we moved on to the main event…the dinosaurs! He ooed and ahed and roared to his hearts content. I let him down to walk and he ran back and forth between the various pieces of the exhibit pointing and saying “tell me” which is his way of asking that things are. We found him incredibly brave when the big teeth were a good distance away, as soon as you held him closer his tune changed and all he wanted to do was hug your neck. It was so adorable.

From there we headed to the mammals and the ocean rooms. He was all about the monkeys once he realized what they were. He pointed out the horses too as he saw them. Soon it was nap time and DH and I knew he’d never nap in there. So, we headed to the museum of Art in hopes of boring him to sleep. It worked!

However, once he was asleep we both realized that a trip down into the metro would wake him immediately so we walked till our feet hurt and then found a spot to sit and wait out the rest of the nap. It was then that we heard this loud ruckus coming from down the hall. The banging was followed by singing. Intrigued, DH and I (along with Noah) strolled down to hall to find a high school choir set up and singing an African drum song (with drum and clapping included). Seems we timed things exactly right and enjoyed a free concert from the Central Bucks Highschool – West’s choir in the Rotunda of the National Art Museum. Mixed in with their normal set (which included songs in Latin and Hebrew – acapella!) they wandered into the audience and encouraged us to sing along as they sung familiar Christmas carols. They were exceptional (had me in tears a few times) and it was the perfect way to cap off a great day. Noah napped clear until the very end.

After all that we headed back to the metro for our trip home. This time Noah was refreshed from his cat nap and was bouncing on the seats and just having a great time in general. He was chanting “choo choo” pretty much the whole way home (thankfully it was a pretty empty train and no one seemed bothered by his gleeful screeches).

We had one more adventure in painting this evening but I’ll save that for another blog spot and series of pictures, this one is long enough:) On to the pictures!

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