Dec 072011

So, our cloth diapering has taken another turn and presented a new challenge. Nothing like keeping you on your toes! Noah’s been consuming milk and water like it’s going out of style (to the tune of 8oz of milk and 12 oz of water before bed – not to mention the 6,8,12 oz of h2o or milk in a sitting during the day!). He’s been peeing thru his diapers left and right. We’ve adjusted our daytime changes to happen more frequently or closer to the times he consumes those vast quantities of liquid but at night we have a whole different challenge – I’m not waking a sleeping baby!

I’ve tried cutting him back to just the milk bottle but he just stands in his crib and cries. I even let him cry it out for like 10 min before my heart broke and I gave in. I filled his cuppy and he was out in 5 min! So…it seems we’re left with a camel of a child whose diapers cannot contain the river of pee he generates. I gave up for a while and used disposables at night out of shear desperation (mamma needs her beauty rest!) but then was mad at myself because we’ve made it 21 months without having to resort to disposables for more than just an occasional thing. So I was on the hunt for ideas. We tried all hemp, we tried more pads, less pads, tested the diapers for repelling, bought new diapers…nothing was working.

It wasn’t until I was organizing his diaper stash that I remembered he had a few wool shorties that I bought back in the day. At the time they were a little large and I just didn’t quite have the hang of them so we tossed them back to the back of the rack. If you’re read on here before, wool is amazing at absorbing moisture. Plus it’s antimicrobial and some how doesn’t retain the toddler pee smell even if it gets a little damp. So, it was worth a shot and I’m sooo happy I tried it. He had a dry night in what seemed like forever. Trying to prove it wasn’t a fluke we tried it again the next night…dry again! Woohoo…

Slowly I stopped worrying about how much he drank in the evenings and came to love that the woolie has stood up to the test! So, for those interested, here’s the system:
1 BG 3.0 whose PUL is questionable
1 microfiber insert
2 joeybunz hemp inserts
1 woolie over all of it

Plus we put him in fleece PJ’s because it’s cold in his room which acts as yet another barrier since fleece has great moisture properties too. In the AM the woolie is a wee bit damp and the inner diaper is soaked. I just turn the woolie inside out and lay it flat to dry. We’ve used it for a week and it still doesn’t smell – color me impressed! I ordered two more off etsy last night so we have some to rotate thru as they need washed and I can’t wait for them to arrive!

The bonus? Noah loves is “undies” to the point where he cries if I don’t put them on fast enough! Win win!

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