Dec 042011

So we’ve been wanting to get a new stove and microwave that matches our beautiful fridge but just couldn’t stomach the $1100 plus price tag to get the ones we wanted. Since we lucked out last year (or two at this point…I can’t remember) and got a new dishwasher at a great discount on Black Friday, we figured we’d try again this year.

On Black Friday eve, while browsing the store ads at my inlaws, I saw a local store (to my inlaws) was offering the exact set we wanted for $800! Problem is that this is a local store, 250 miles away from our home and there’s no way they’d deliver that far. Instant sad face…

I mentioned it to DH and how sad I was that we didn’t live close enough and he, being the genius he is, nonchalantly mentioned that Lowes price matched. I couldn’t imagine they’d price match this great deal but it was worth a shot right?

They sure did! I’m amazed. We walked in, showed the guy the ad, and asked if they’d match that. He said “sure”. We actually asked him to look at it again and make sure it was okay. He repeated his assertion – score!!!

They arrived today and we just couldn’t wait to install them. They look soo purty…

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