Dec 172011

We always get such great cards from friends and family for Christmas and in the past they’ve just sat on the table or were posted on the fridge. This year I thought I’d try something different and get a little crafty. I saw a pin on Pinterest where someone used a large quilting hoop and clothes pins so that inspired this guy….

I had tons of ribbon left over from Noah’s 1 year party last year so I rounded that up. Then I found a dowel rod in the wood scraps in the garage. Last I dug for the clothes pins which were also left overs from Noah’s party last year. There was no rhyme or reason on how I assembled it but a little hot glue and some fun and that’s what you get.

It’s actually working out quite well but I think I may regret how small I made it…we’re getting darn full and we’re not even to Christmas yet!

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  One Response to “Christmas Crafty!”

  1. this is a great idea! I have no idea what to do with my cards, so I’ll probably copy you lol

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