Dec 212011

I was driving in this AM and passed a truck with a cab over the bed. Nothing special, you see those all the time but this time for some reason it reminded me of a wonderful memory from my childhood.

When my brother and I were little (7 maybe) we camped out in the bed of my grandpa’s truck with my dad. We didn’t go anywhere special, we were just in the driveway of my grandparents house but it felt like such an adventure. I distinctly remember being awaken up by the sound of rain starting to drop on the bed cover. Slowly the sound intensified until we were in a torrential downpour and the sound in the truck bed was almost deafening. I remember laughing and discussing with my dad if we should make a break for it and run to the house but he convinced me to stay put and just enjoy the experience.

It was that memory that lead me to another which made me smile even more. My brother and his buddy found a cool tent and planned to camp out in the back yard one night (we must have been about 8 or 9). Desperately wanting to be included but forbidden from the tent (NO GIRLS ALLOWED I was told) I set up my Carebears bed tent in the backyard and grabbed my sleeping bag. I guess I almost chickened out because before I know it my dad is out there too, with a sleeping bag on top of the patio chair cushions and no tent. He slept next to me for the whole night. Lucky for him it was a beautiful early summer evening (although he did wake up a little wet from the dew).

To this day those memories (and may others) remind me how he (and my mom) would do just about anything for my brother and I. It’s those memories that I carry forward and look ahead to when DH (and I) will do that with our children – camp outs in the back yard, fort building in the snow, skateboarding down a big hill (yea, my dad held my hand and crashed with me), hikes in the woods…you name it. Even if it seems completely absurd, the thought of it bringing joy and happiness to them (figurative them….assuming we’ll have more than one child…not that i’m trying to tell anyone anything) is worth it!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more!

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