Nov 272011

and just like that we’re another month closer to being a 2 year old (and weeks late on his update). The terrible twos have started to rear their ugly head as Noah tries to assert his independence with “no” or “noah” when he wants to do it himself. Most of the time it’s cute…others? Not so much. Timeout is slowly gaining popularity in our house.

It’s been a busy month with hikes, trips to park, driving to see friends. You name it and we’ve probably done it or thought about doing it this month. In all the craziness and driving we’ve found that stickers can keep a babe occupied for hours as will my phone with either movies of him on it or toddler lock…

Stats for this month:
– 26ish lbs (he won’t stand still)
– 32ish inches (again, this standing still thing is an issue)
– lots of words and babbling. He’s starting to string two or three together…like bye bye doggie, what’s that? etc… He’s constantly babbling and more and more I’m hearing real words in his babbling.

This kid is non stop! From the time he wakes up until he naps he’s just one big ball of motion. It’s exhausting but so amazing. I just love his sweet little smile or the way he says “mama” when he wants something (followed usually by “peese” or “now!”)…

There’s no movement on the potty front, he still likes to sit on it but nothing has happened yet (well, there was one fluke that we made a big deal of but he was so confused…it hasnt happened since:)). It’s still early and I’m letting him lead for now we go with it as he shows interest.

Anywho…I’d promise more posts but life has been crazy lately. Perhaps I’ll find some time to queue a few up:)

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