Oct 272011

It’s bound to happen with as much abuse as our diapers take – they’ve started wicking! The PUL has broken down and now even a moderately wet diaper soaks right thru the cover. Rather disappointing but not surprising, our diapers have been put thru the ringer. So, since they were wicking and pretty much useless to me I figured here was no harm in trying to re-waterproof them. I’d read somewhere that the spray on Nikwax would work well so I sent DH to REI to pick up some.

Avail from your local sports store (REI for us)

I just followed the directions on the container (it said to dampen the cloth before application, spray it on, let it set, wipe off the excess). I actually had to spray it down a few times because it kept soaking in.

After they'd been sprayed, the dark spots are where the waterproofer was soaking in

To prevent the waterproofing from coming in contact with the fleece I used our overabundance of plastic grocery bags and stuffed them in the diaper.

To keep the waterproofing from hitting the fleece...

Once they were coated, I hung them to dry on the rack overnight. In the AM I noticed they still had a bit of a chemical smell so I tossed them in for another round of wash. They came out smelling normal so I figured it was safe to use them.


So far so good….I used one of them the other night and there was no wicking. Now the test will be to see how long this lasts. I figure any use we get out of them beyond this is bonus so it was worth a shot.

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  1. I have the same issue, but ours are new! I e-mailed the company to see if they have any suggestions, but if not I’ll try this!

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