Oct 112011

Everyone says things come in threes…

1. Dog takes me out on Saturday and I end up with a concussion and 6 staples in my head.
2. Next day my mom tells me that gram fell last week and had a concussion and a massive bruise that stretches from the back of her head around her ear and down her shoulder.
3. Father in law calls tonight to tell us he has staples in his head now too. He lost his balance while working outside today and smacked his head off an electrical box.

Wear your helmets people, it’s dangerous out there!

and a little biking

(btw…we’re all fine, sore and ready for halloween, but fine)

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  One Response to “Wear your helmets people…”

  1. Wow! That’s an unfortunate trifecta of concussions/head injuries! So glad you guys are okay :)

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