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I’d planned on a series of posts about our adventures to the OBX (Outer Banks, NC for those not down with the lingo) but seeing as it’s taken me two weeks to even get thru the pictures we’re going to cover it in one big one with lots of pictures!

NOTICE: SKIP TO THE BOTTOM IF YOU JUST WANT THE PICTURES….I won’t be offended (well, at least not a lot offended)

Overall our week in the OBX was thoroughly enjoyable. In the days leading up to it the weather outlook was bleak. They were still recovering from the hurricane and then tropical storm and the weatherman was not hopeful we’d have any sun. We arrived to lots of rain and stormy seas and had to unpack in very wet conditions. Fortunately for us the rain stopped around dinner and we were able to get our first glimpse of our beach. It was rough and stormy and there wasn’t much to it but it was our beach!

Where I’m more prone to grab a book and read on the beach, DH (and his parents) are doers. They like to get out to do and see things. It works well with a toddler that gets bored quickly so everyday there was an adventure or two. We hauled our bikes the whole way down there so on three of the mornings we decided to take them out for a spin. First day we started at our house and rode south into Duck and around. We rode thru neighborhoods and down to the beach and back. As we were making our way back to the house we decided to huff it up one more set of little hills and *snap* DH’s chain breaks. This was the first of three bike related calamities!

Day two of biking we rode north. About 5 miles in I noticed my ride was getting a little tough, kind of like I’m plowing thru sand. I looked back and my rear tire was low. We stopped for a second to check it out (in a bad spot where the mosquitoes were munching hard on us!) and you could hear it hissing. DH always carries a pump and a spare so we just had to roll to a more convenient spot to fix it, no problemo. Haha..right! The pump didn’t want to work so we were sunk. MIL and I worked our way back to a nearby diner (me carrying my bike because it wouldn’t roll anymore) and DH and FIL headed back to the house with Noah to fetch the car. DH spends the rest of the afternoon trying to get my wheel fixed so we can go out again later in the week (which yields ride #3 and flat #2 – this time on DH’s bike, not mine!)

On the days we didn’t ride we went out and explored Duck and the surrounding areas on foot. There was still quite a bit of debris and standing water so places we’d normally be able to go were close or so mosquito infested that it wasn’t worth it. There were tons of shops and stuff to keep us busy. DH even played the part of my hero when I dropped the camera lens cover off the side of the boardwalk into the water and he climbed down to retrieve it!

Later in the week the weather they’d been talking about all week finally arrived we spent the day at the aquarium on the main land. It was a nice change and Noah really enjoyed himself. He actually sat down with DH and watched the divers shows in the big shark tank! I couldn’t believe (nor could I believe that I ran the whole way back out to the car to grab the dSLR because it’s better in low light only to find when I got back to the building that I forgot to swap the battery and it was dead – oops).

Anywho, I’ve talked enough. On to the good stuff…

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  1. It looks like you had a fun trip. What a bummer that you spent so much time fixing your bikes! I love the sunset on your night out!

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