Oct 292011

Noah really loves making vehicle and animal sounds and one of his particular favorites are trains. “Choo choo” is the first thing out of his mouth at the site of a train (and sometimes car or truck too..we’re still working on that..). Anywho, we took a trip to the mall the other day and they have a train that drives thru the corridors and I knew as soon as we saw it drive by that I’d be riding it later that afternoon.

He really had a great time. Smiling ear to ear when he saw daddy waiting along the path for him! I had to pry his little hands off the door when the ride was over, he didn’t want to get out!

I so love this age! He gets so much joy in the simplest thing and that’s amazing to me. His laugh or quick “i wuff ew” can turn any day around and I just melt when he diggs his little head into my legs as he hugs tight. Gahh…I love that little boy!

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