Oct 162011

My gram asked for a family picture a ways back and I realized that we don’t have anything recent that actually looks good (Noah’s screaming, DH is making an odd face, I’m scowling etc…) So my goal last weekend was to get a family picture. Well, the whole trip to the ER and staples which prevented me from washing my hair for a few days put a kbosh on that. So, when DH suggested we take a drive to see the fall colors up in Shenandoah, I saw that as my opportunity to get a nice pic of us as a family.

The light was fading fast and the dog was not cooperating so we stuck her in the car. 20 shots later and we ended up with this one:

And with the help of a nice Asian man who offered to push the shutter, we managed to get this on with the dog….not the best but at least we’re all accounted for:)

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  2 Responses to “A family picture”

  1. Those are so great! I love them!

  2. Nice! We tried to take a family photo at the pumpkin patch today. I haven’t looked at the outtakes yet, but I think I’ll be lucky to see one where we’re all looking in the same direction, let alone smiling. Oh well!

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