Oct 012011

So I’m a few weeks late on this. If it means anything I created the post on the 23rd…it just took till now to fill it out:)

He’s growing by leaps and bounds, with each passing day I see more comprehension and more communication from him. He’s 26lbs and 34 inches tall and he looks like a tall skinny little boy it’s so crazy! I’ve noticed that while he’s really verbal, he doesn’t really say much. Just lots of babbling with occasional comprehensible word thrown in. He can usually get his point across. I’m not worried mostly because his spatial and reason comprehension is very good. You just watch as the little wheels turn in his head as he figures out how to undo the buckles or latches on the toys he has or works thru the puzzle to put the pieces in the right spots.

Coloring is a favorite past time as is pushing things over to whatever he can’t reach and then climbing up. He knows his animal sounds and most of his body parts and can point out most of the objects in his 100 words book when you ask what things are. I can even get him to participate in the “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” song which is soo much fun.

He’s a hugger and a kisser (but only when he feels like it) and he’s spontaneously affectionate (melts my heart when he runs over and hugs my leg and says i wuv oooo!). His mood is almost always happy except on the days where he gets up on the wrong side of the bed, then it’s just miserable all day. I never look forward to nap and bed time more than those days.

This past month we spent a week a the beach (as you’ll see in upcoming posts if I ever get to write them) and after a quick introduction to sand he was all about walking around and digging. I think he favorite part was the bike rides. He loves that little trailer.

Anywho…I can’t believe we’re in the last few months before he turns 2! Where does the time fly!

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  1. He’s absolutely precious!

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