Sep 062011

Driving around the area where we live, you’d never guess there’s a 30+ acre zoo with Kangaroos, Llama, Monkeys, and the like within just a few miles of us. I think it’s an awesome hidden gem in our town that I know we’ll take advantage of more as Noah gets older. Just a 10 min drive and $24 (plus a cup of food to feed the animals) we had a few hours worth of entertainment for everyone (plus we got to work on our animal sounds!)

The first thing we ran into were the prairie dogs (which were new this trip). Noah was instantly intrigued and our time in the stroller came to an abrupt halt. He wanted out to explore on his own. We spent the next hour hopping from birds to horses, owls to snakes, pigs to goats and monkeys. We even saw some Kangaroos!


Checkin out the piggies

Aww...they're cute when they're this tiny...

Trying to get to the piggies

Checking out the goat...before it ate his hand...

Then it was time for the safari ride! They have to giant tractors that pull trailers thru the 30 acre preserve and the best part is the animals approach the wagon for a closer look (hoping you have food for them). They have a bunch of prong horn type guys, llamas, ostriches, buffalo and watusi.




Let’s revisit that Watusi thing…



These guys have the most enormous horns that just look freaky as they jut out from either side of their face. They hail from Africa and the largest set of horns on record were 36.3 inches around and something like 12 feet tip to tip. That was over 100lbs of horn on either side of their head! They were really curious of our wagon but forgot about the size and presence of their horns so you have to watch yourself.

Towards the end of the ride Noah started to nod off (and leak thru his diaper – beautiful) which was our signal to make our way back to the car. A quick covert diaper change in the corner, a few more monkeys, an alligator, and a lemur and we were on our way home. Seeing that we were approaching nap time, I was proud of how well he kept himself together as we worked our way back out to the car.

That was the perfect way to spend the morning as a family:) I loved watching Noah’s face light up as he recognized the animals from his books (and met new ones). I can see us using this Zoo alot as he grows older.

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