Sep 082011

because before long we’re gonna need an Ark! We’ve had a double wallop with Irene and now Ted and our normal gentle creek in the flood basin is now a raging river about 100 feet wide!!!

This has been the radar for the last 3 days or so. It never really seems to change….the red blob moves around a bit but it’s always covered in green.

That kind of rain causes this kind of flooding:

And of course we had to go take a closer look. No worries, we were high enough up to stay safe (at least Noah and I, daddy and the dog went in for a closer look)

We’re very fortunate that we’re high above the flood plane and have very little worry about actual flooding (outside of the small pond in our backyard). I heart hurts for those that are actually affected by this both locally and up and down the eastern coast. They’re in my thoughts as the waters finally crest and eventually subside.

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  One Response to “I guess it’s good we named him Noah…”

  1. Holy cow! Stay safe – I know the flooding is getting pretty bad up there!

    If I could, I’d take all that rain and more! Our drought and the resulting wildfires are getting out of control!

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