Sep 052011

Lots going on here so I’m going to be lazy with this post and give you videos:) It better represents Noah lately anyways:)

He’s to the spontaneous affection stage much to the dogs dismay. DH came down stairs to find him chasing the dog and kissing her. He managed to catch this bit on video.

I found him doing the same to his sock monkey this am (and he’ll kiss us too, it’s just harder to film).

This one he’s demonstrating his new trick – animal sounds!!! We work on them in the AM on our ride to school. Ignore the bottle, most of the time he takes a sippy. Sometimes however he gets in a mood and the bottle is the only thing he’ll drink from. This is a battle I’m choosing not to fight yet.

(as I was uploading and watching the video, Noah heard it and started making the sounds along with the video…so funny:) )

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  One Response to “A lazy post…”

  1. We aren’t battling the bottle removal yet either. With our lives in a state of disarray (living with the in-laws while our house is being remodeled), the bottle and taking away the paci at bedtime is the last thing on my mind.

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