Aug 302011

So Noah’s been in a mood lately. He’s not been sleeping or eating well thanks to his new I teeth and that’s causing all kinds of cranky in our house. At one point during dinner, while he was so calmly and successfully using a spoon eating his yogurt, all hell broke loose. He up ended his plate, knocked all the food to the floor and then launched his yogurt bowl over the counter.

It wasn’t until a few min later (after wiping every surface within 4 feet of him) I looked up to see this:

Upon closer inspection:

Yup, at some point when i wasn’t looking, he took a full spoon of yogurt and flung it at the window. Lovely…

ETA: In my rush to take a picture and write a blog about this, I forgot to wipe the window down. I was setting up breakfast this AM and saw it still there and running down the whole window. Doh…had to break out the scrub brush.

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