Aug 142011

Who ever said you can’t have fun in the rain? Nobody said that? Okay, well they should have so that I could prove them wrong! We headed out yesterday morning to meet up with the cousins and my SIL/BIL for a night of camping – in the rain. This was Noah’s first foray into camping so we wanted something easy and all.

We arrived and the sky was overcast but there was only a 30% chance of showers when I checked before we left. What I didn’t know was that that 30% was upgraded to 60% while we were driving the 3.5 hrs up there. Needless to say, even though we had some nice weather to get our tent up, lunch consumed and even fit a little swimming in, we got really wet. It started to pour around 4:00 and never quit for more than an hour or so at a stretch until the next morning.

You can see we spent some time in the car hanging out until the worst of it was over. Once it slowed down, DH and Uncle rigged up a tarp so we could eat dinner together and hang out. We had a great time even if we weren’t gathered around a fire roasting marshmallows.

Noah did great in the tent in his pack n play and actually slept more soundly than he does at home. The constant sound of the rain on the roof of the tent probably did the trick. Anywho, enough chatter, here are the pics!!!

The highlight of the trip was probably our baby raccoon visitor. I was was over at the car getting something and I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye. This tiny masked face peaked around the tire of the car and looked right at me. As I rounded the car he set out across the campsite right next to our tent. He moved pretty slowly but never showed any aggression. He hung around long enough for me to call the boys over to see.

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