Aug 052011

Counting calories and eating a reasonable diet plus trying to get out and exercise more is working…of course I had to break up with my old scale and buy a new one since my old one decided that I was 137lbs no matter what I did….my new one is much nicer, i think i’ll keep him…but there is progress!!

Wanna know how much progress?….

Are you sure?….

Hmm….should i tell you? I might jinx myself….

Nah, I need everyone’s support….

Okay, this is getting annoying…


Tada…Just this morning I was down to 132.6 which is just about where I was when I fell off the wagon last time.

Now, again, that was due a large part to switching scales again and I’m anxious to see what the Dr’s office says on the 15th. I’ll believe that one over anything. But, it makes me feel good. It’s just a number but a number that is moving in the right direction.

No real tricks here outside of putting a calorie tracker app on my phone, being diligent about using it and adding some exercise into my routine. Most days it’s just a walk or ride around the block with the fam or making sure I take the stairs between meetings (often times my meetings are on the 10th floor when my desk is on the 15th etc..). But I did go out and get that 25 admissions pass to the gym so I’d have a reason to make myself go (i paid for the stupid thing, i might as well use it). So now I’ll do like a 3o min swim followed by a quick run.

Anyways, just thought i’d check in with everyone. Maybe one of these days i’ll have hubsy take a pic of me to share. I’m noticing a slight change but not a ton yet. That’s to come I’m sure!!!

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