Aug 292011

So this weekend was a bit damp and breezy thanks to Hurricane Irene. We were cooped up inside most of Saturday while it rained and blew and Noah was in rare form. I guess he woke up on the wrong side of the bed and just cranked alllllllll day. Topped off by not being able to go outside (and the fact that he could see his swing on the floor of the sun room) we were a bit miserable.

Momma took a quick break around nap time to get a hair cut at a real salon (yes, there is a difference between a $30 Hair Cuttery haircut and a $70 spa/salon cut. The head massage alone was worth the extra coin!) but then we were back to trying to entertain a crank pot child. I tried to get some pics of him but they were all like this:

Sunday was much better. He was still more mischievous than normal but we were anxious to get out and both clean up the yard some and enjoy the beautiful weather that Irene left in her wake.

At one point during the yard work DH mentioned taking a bike ride. Noah immediately ran to the front of the house and in through the open garage doors to find his bike helmet. It was hanging up so he yelled at me and pointed saying “mine..mine…mine”…until I gave it to him. Once I pulled his down and strapped it on him, it pointed to DH’s and said “daddy..”. I pulled DH’s helmet down and Noah ran it out to DH in the back yard. So, with himself and daddy outfitted, he ran back to the garage and pointed to the last helmet and said “mommy”…guess it was my turn. At this point there was no turning back. I ran to change while DH strapped noah into his little trailer. A quick sippy and some cheerios in a snack trap and we were off. He really loves going for rides in that trailer but then again who wouldn’t – toys, snacks, lots of fresh air. Heaven!

After the ride we had a little time before bed so Noah played hide and seek with daddy:

Climbed up on things he wasn’t supposed to:

And congratulating himself for figuring out how to stop, start, and change tracks on his silly song CD.

Overall a good weekend that was thankfully uneventful given the circumstances.

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  1. Is it bad that I think pictures of crank pot babies are cute? My son looks adorable throwing a tantrum and your’s does too!

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