Aug 032011

These days Noah’s really taken to reading books at night before we head to bed. He’s in the groove and knows that once we finish dinner it’s bath then bed (he even started saying “nigh nigh” to let us know he’s ready for bed – so cute!). As soon as we hit the top of the steps on his way to the bath he start chanting “mamma, mamma”. At first I thought it was really sweet, he was calling for me. That is until he ran into his room and picked up this book:

Now, I wake up to chants of “mama mama” only to find him standing in his crib, pointing to the books rather than calling for me. To say he’s obsessed is a wee bit of an understatement. I know have all three memorized. And he’s particular! We have three Llama Llama books (Red Pajamas, Misses Mama, Mad at Mama) and he’s generally only interested in Red Pajamas (although Misses Mama is second on his list) and will close the book on you if you’re reading the others.

I think it’s incredibly cute and hilarious. Although I do have to admit, it’s getting a teensy weensy bit annoying. We have so many other awesome books that he just won’t sit for! I supposed that this is just a phase (that’s going on two weeks strong) and that I’ll appreciate it when it’s passed. For now, I get to test my memory and try to recite without using the book:)

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  1. He’s at an age where he likes familiar — and where repetition (the rhymes) helps him learn. Are there any more Llama Llama books we could invest in? It’s great that the has learned a routine. Love, Momma (Papa?)

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