Aug 232011

Holy moly…He’s a year and a half old now. And to celebrate the occasion, he cut a new tooth, contracted croup and survived an earthquake. Boy knows how to do it right!!

26lbs (they weighed him on the big boy scale today!)
? inches tall. I can’t get him to stand still long enough.

He’s got too many words to type out. He’ll mimic everything you ask him too and he’s started to pair up sounds with animals and objects. He’ll ask to color with crayons, for you to sit next to him, and he’s good with answering with an affirmative yes or adamant NO!. He babbles and has full conversations with himself and i swear I hear him singing some times.

Motor Skills:
Running is his preferred mode of transportation, climbing is the next (although that’s not necessarily transportation, just havoc causing). He stacks blocks like a champ now and has mastered most of his toys. You’ll find him dancing when there’s music and spinning circles till he’s dizzy (soo funny). Hand him a wooden spoon and a pot lid and you have hours of entertainment. Loud entertainment but entertainment none the less.

Potty Dealings:
He’s interested in the potty and all that is involved and will sit on the seat but doesn’t quite get what to do when he’s up there. I put him on in the evenings before his bath just to get him used to it.

He sleeps pretty well when he’s not cutting a tooth or has croup:) Still 7/7:30 – 6:30-7am. They still give him a 2.5 hr nap at daycare and that seems to work out really well. Eating on the other hand is hit or miss. You can always convince him to eat a waffle or a banana but outside of that we just have to try until something sticks. I know he won’t starve but sometimes I worry.

Anywho…enough blabbing, on to the pics. This shoot was harder than I thought it would be. I really needed someone else to help wrangle him while I got the shot ready. My keys helped some but in the end it was a pretty quick shoot.

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