Jul 182011

My weight has gotten a little out of hand lately and this time I don’t have the excuse of just having a baby…. I’ve been watching it slowly creep up over the last 2-3 months and I’m not happy. I was sooo close to getting back to a reasonable weight for me but now find myself back at square one – the same weight I was 6 weeks post Noah (137lbs for those that want to know). And while I don’t look all that heavy (it distributes pretty well around my mid section), I feel it. I’m exhausted in the evenings and my clothes are tighter. On bloaty day I could pass for 5 months pregnant – sooo not good (and it only makes me feel worse since I’d love to be 5 mo pg at this point)

So…I’m going to buy myself either a monthly pass at the local rec center or a 25 admissions pass and try to go in the evenings. They have child care on MWF until 7:30pm so I can take Noah with me if necessary. Plus, I’ve started counting calories again using my handy dandy calorie counter app on my phone (it has a barcode scanner – that novelty alone should keep me interested for oh say…20 min?). In addition I’m going to trying to pack my lunch every day and refill my coffee mug with water at least 4 times during the day and see what happens.

Anywho…I’m telling you all in hopes of staying on the bandwagon this time. They say it takes something like 28 days to create a new habit…maybe I can keep this up that long and start a new habit. (and maybe I’ll post a before pic to compare against).

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  1. I’ve packed on a few pounds, too, and I’m having a hard time getting them to go away. Now that I’m working in an office I really just don’t have time to work out during the week. When it’s cool enough, I can run at lunchtime (we have a shower at work — whoohoo!), but it’s been way too hot for that. So, I too am watching my midsection grow rather than shrink. Boo for that. Maybe you’ll motivate me. :-)

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