Jul 102011

Hubs laid down on the ground for a quick rest and Noah climbed on his back and started pointing to his bum and shouting poopies (I guess because we look down the back of his pants asking about poopies). While he was up there he decided to go for a little ride…

We were out with some friends this weekend and I have some pics to share but need to off load them first! Maybe I’ll have a few posts this week! Lucky for those of you that have stuck around during this wee little dry spell.

ETA: Yes, he fell off the horsey…no, he doesnt have a black eye, he has a purple horn on his forhead:) It looked alot worse than it was really. Today you can’t even tell he bumped it!

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  One Response to “Noah’s own horsey…”

  1. Shelby does this, too! Mostly she straddles her huge stuffed tiger and rides it like a horse. But sometimes she straddles my belly and bounces up and down. Occasionally she straddles my neck (with her but in my face, no less). Oye!

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