Jul 032011

I look around my house and lament about how the floors aren’t clean and that the kitchen is a mess. I growl at the mountain of laundry that isn’t doing itself forcing me to actually try to move it along. I even snip at the hubby about how freakin cluttered it feels in here (even though it’s really not that bad). I sit here and think about all these things and how I really need to find more time to do them and then curse the fact that 24 hours just doesn’t seem to be enough.

Then I have moments like the one Friday night. We had company coming for the weekend. The laundry was spilling out the laundry room door, the dust bunnies were 2 steps away from a full on coup, and the bottom of the kitchen sink hadn’t been seen for days. This is all stuff that needed attended to before the next morning yet we said “screw it! We’ll get to it after Noah goes to bed” and decided to saddle up the bikes for a ride to get our dinner as a family.

The temp was moderate, the humidity low. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. We buzzed down the trial, Noah in his trailer behind hubs and me leading the pack and making sure the road crossings were safe. All the while the air blew through our hair as we laughed, cracked jokes, and just had a wonderful time enjoying the evening.

All in all we weren’t out more than 2 hours but those two hours I thought of nothing else outside of my little family and the beautiful weather and that nothing else much mattered. My house is not spotless and I’m always behind on laundry but none of that is worry enough to keep me from enjoying what matters the most – Noah and hubs.

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  2 Responses to “Finding what’s important….”

  1. You always were a smart girl!!!

  2. I used to be a “scrub the baseboards monthly” kind of cleaner. Now I am lucky to vacuum the floors regularly. When the babies grow up they aren’t going to think “Wow I’m sure glad mom kept the house super clean” but instead they will think about all the fun we had, the snuggles we shared, and the laughs we enjoyed. Soon enough they will be too cool to hang out with us and I’ll have more time to clean once that happens but for now enjoy the moments with your family :)

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