Jul 142011

Noah’s always been aware of the piano in our house. When I was pregnant with him I’d sit and play for hours hoping that he could hear. As a babe I’d hold him on my lap and play songs for him hoping he’d pick up some musicality like me. Now, as a young toddler I was excited to find him walking over on his own and playing with the keys. These days he asks to be helped up on to the bench so he can play (pound) properly. I know it’s only because it makes noise and anything that makes noise under his command is a wonderful toy but part of me believes that he will grow to love the piano like I do.

Waxing poetically about this aside, these toddlers are damn cute aren’t they? My girlfriend popped over with her little one who’s only a few weeks older than Noah and we all played outside in the water until everyone was spent. After returning inside Noah walked over to the piano like he does alot now and started to pound. That attracted little K and the duet started. We plopped them side by side and just let them have at it for a while. One would start the other would follow and so it went for 10 min or so…

After their performance was over we were all spent and hungry. The pizza had arrived and the kiddies retired to the toy corner until they were ready to pass out. All in all a nice end to a good Saturday! (yes, i’m way late writing this post)

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  1. I wish we had a piano. Shelby loved banging on my parents’. I took lessons as a kid but didn’t keep them up; wish I would have. I did spend years in band, though. I hope Shelby takes to music, too!

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