Jul 222011

Yes, it’s friday and I’m writing a weekend post for the previous weekend. It’s been a busy week, what can I say?

This past weekend we took a trip up North to see the fam and celebrate my adorable nephews first birthday. A good time was had by all but wow, was it a whirlwind!

We drove up Saturday just in time for lunch. Noah’s cousins dropped by (along with my BIL and SIL) and we all spent the afternoon on the lawn snacking away and watching the kiddies entertain themselves with a giant red ball (which I didn’t get any good pics of, bummer!). After they left Noah happily discovered the hose and spent the next few hours watering himself. Grandma’s flowers benefited from this wet activity as well.

Sunday was spent setting up for the party and enjoying the company of family and close friends. I was elected to take pics of the birthday boy as he dug into his cake (and of course I was more than happy to oblige:)).

After a little while longer we had to pack up and head back home. It was a quick weekend but filled with fun, laughter, friends and family.

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