Jul 202011

DH and I arrived home the other day just min apart. He had Noah out of the car already and was walking around the yard and I was greeted by a happy “mamama” from him (swoon…). Anywho, as I started to walk inside he followed me. As he passed the garage door threshold, he zeroed in on the bike trailer. This is the scene that played out:

I guess he wants to go for a ride! Of course, the good mommy that I am was happy to oblige and we did a few loops around the development. That’s actually a great workout! I pulled all 26lbs of him and 30lbs of the trailer up hill after hill in our neighborhood in the 95+ degree heat. Now, I just need to repeat that every night for the next month and maybe, just maybe these lingering 12lbs will melt away:)

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