Jul 052011

Exhausted doggie, fat bellies, new freckles and a little sun burn (on us, not Noah), and not a care in the world equals an awesome 4th of July weekend!

The earlier part of the weekend involved my in laws visiting. We stuffed our faces with mass quantities of steak and pie (and other fixins). Went for walks. Enjoyed some small fireworks

Sunday night we discovered that Noah’s not a fan of the sound of fireworks (like, at all!) and during our neighbors big show I ended up alternating between holding him with my hands over his ears while he clung monkey style to me or sitting in the window box inside where he could see the pretties but not hear them (he even ooed and ahed a few times when we were inside). Once the loud booms were over he promptly went back to sleep.

Monday we finally baby proofed the kitchen by installing gates in the doorways to keep him out. We figured out that we just can’t secure all the cabinets and drawers because our cabinets are frameless and there’s nothing to attach the locks to. Moving everything above his level was a no go either so just keeping him out was all we had. Now we have one pressure gate that you have to climb over and one that you can walk thru. Thinking we need to do both as a walk thru but we’ll see.

We capped Monday off with a wicked, up hill both ways, hot as hell run (to burn off the pie and ice cream of course) and then sat on our roof to try to catch a glimpse of the city fireworks (which we could see thru a 3x3ft section of trees). Next year we’ll brave the crowds and noise and actually go to a place where we can see things.

Anywho, here are some pics from the weekend for your enjoyment:

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  1. Thanks for the pix and for last night’s Skype.

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