Jul 302011

Just a few days late here:) It’s been super busy.

I just love this age with Noah because he’s such a little person with his own wants/needs and opinions. If he has a choice he’s outside, he wants to sit at the big table, he wants to feed himself etc. He’s understanding more and more and follows simple directions pretty well. He’ll mimic what we ask him to say and has been associating things more and more.

The other day I got a real “mama” from him in reference to me! Now he does it all the time and it love love love it! Such a sweet sound from him little mouth.

Eating is still a challenge. One day he’ll eat something the next he won’t so you never know. We have found a few tricks that work most of the time:
1. give him a fork – he loves to fork his own food
2. saddle him up to the table like a big boy – I took the tray off his high chair so now he can sit at the table or the counter like the rest of us and that seems to make him happy.
3. watch it with the snacks – I noticed that he was snacking alot. He’d grab his snack trap or ask for something and we’d just give it to him. Now I’m watching more closely and he’s eating normal meals better because he’s actually hungry when I make things.

in addition to last months we’ve added car, lellow (yellow), hat, Gabo (friend at school), lala (another friend at school), bano (potty in spanish), please, noooooo!, color, bye, backyard, and lots of affirmative grunts (typical boy) Plus he’ll mimic just about anything you ask him to.

fine motor:
– climbing! OMG this kid climbs now.
– running full steam ahead
– This kids grasp on cause and effect is amazing. He knows that you need to turn the hose on for water, that if he pushes that button something happens etc.

– balls
– blankie
– bottles
– water (if it’s a dirty mud puddle even better!)

He’s 25lbs or so and I’m not sure how tall (next month is his dr’s appt). He’s solidly in 18 mo clothes and wears size 5 shoe (although i can only get sandals on him since his little feet are so fat).

I can’t believe he’s going to be a whole year and a half old next month!

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  1. He is truly a joy! Even though I am paapa….

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