Jun 152011

Still no rhythm over here yet and I have lots of pics to share from this past weekend but I’ve been falling asleep every night before 10:00pm (and then getting up with Noah at all hours..) so pictures will have to wait:) But, while browsing my phone I found lots of pics of my outfits from the week so I decided to participate in Lindsey’s WIWW link up!! Taking the easy way out – no editing for these babies:)

I will confess that these are not all from this week. They’re a compilation of the last few but you can assume every weekday it’s something similar. We have a fairly formal environment here at the office so no jeans – even on fridays (okay, that’s a bit of a lie, you can wear jeans but my consulting company strongly advises against it, anywhoo…)

Outfit 1
Dress is last season at H&M
Boots are two seasons ago Macy’s (I lurvve them!)
Funny part about this outfit is that I had to run to Victoria Secret to get a slip because my tights kept sticking…love that I work in a building that is walking distance to one!

Outfit 2
Dress: Kohls
Cover: Kohls
Shoes: Mudd (Kohls)

Outfit 3
Tank: Old Navy last season
Cover: Kohls
Slacks: Dunno really, probably Kohls
Shoes: Nordstrom (and they’re broken now:( )

Outfit 4
At a hotel in NYC on a work trip (hence the awesome bedding and mirror)
Dress: H&M
Sweater: Gap
Shoes: Nordstrom
Necklace: Awesome Fish from Kohls (Mudd brand I think)

Close up of the fish:

Outfit 5
Dress: H&M (same as last pic – this was two days in NYC with only a carryon bag so I reused and reaccessorized)
Jacket: H&M
Shoes: Nordstrom
Necklace: Vera Wang from Kohls

Linking up with WIWW at The Pleated Poppy

pleated poppy

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  1. Super cute! I LOVE your fish necklace, that is adorable! Found ya from The Pleated Poppy :)

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